Most times the good side of a product is sold to make a profit out of a sale without fully disclosing the kind of side effects it has on an individual. The article will closely look at the five main side effects of Apple Cider Vinegar pills and prevention methods.

Lower Potassium levels

  • The lower potassium levels are as a result of high acetic acid content which results in a condition known as hypokalemia.
  • This situation may cause many associated ailments and symptoms including nausea, cramps, low blood pressure, weakness, light-headiness, changes in heart rhythm and paralysis. Osteoporosis may develop depending on the time these potassium levels are low.
  • It may also affect the formation of new bones and bone density.

*Prevention method: Consult your doctor before you start taking ACV pills orally. The topical application doesn’t pose much danger as ingestion.

Delayed Stomach Emptying

  • The major side effects of using ACV pills include indigestion, heartburn, and serious diarrhea. Its consumption makes the stomach feel full hence you don’t consume much food.
  • There is a delay in emptying the stomach and can cause a major health problem to people afflicted with gastroparesis.

*Prevention Method: Consuming unrefined ACV with a pH level of 5-7 prevents these side effects to a large extent. In case the effects do not abate over time, discontinue or lower your dosage.

Drug Reactions

  • Since there is a direct effect on insulin levels and blood sugar, it may be highly hazardous when taken with diabetes and blood pressure medication.
  • ACV can easily react with drugs like diuretics, laxatives, and insulin.
    Diuretic drugs: Diuretic medication may cause the body to excrete potassium levels.
    Digoxin (Lanoxin):
  • It lowers your blood potassium levels thus if combined by ACV pills it could lower the potassium much.
    Insulin: For people who take insulin together with ACV pills may experience dangerous low potassium levels or blood sugar.

*Prevention method: There is a need to consult a doctor in case you have any health disorder. Avoid using ACV pills when under medication.

Lower Blood Sugar Levels

  • The pills can lower blood sugar levels in the body due to its anti-glycemic effect on the blood.
  • It might also result in diabetic hypoglycemia, cutting off glucose supply to the brain, and resulting in unconsciousness. Fortunately, it’s a blessing to people suffering from prediabetic and type II diabetes.

*Prevention method: There is a need to consult a doctor for prescription especially for those people who are diabetic to avoid their blood sugar levels from going much lower.

Throat burns and Tissue Damage

  • The acetic acid in ACV pills can cause throat burns, especially to children.
  • An incident showed of a woman who experienced pain and difficulty in swallowing for six months after the tablet lodged in her throat. The acid content can easily damage soft tissue over an extended period of time.
  • In short, the pills can damage or corrode the tooth enamel, the esophagus, and the stomach lining.

*Prevention method: Use water when consuming the ACV pills over a prolonged period of time to avoid damaging the esophageal wall.


In conclusion, the Apple Cider Vinegar pills need to be used under doctor’s prescription especially for those having health issues to prevent any of the listed side effects occurring and damaging their health.